Laser Nasal Surgery to Correct Nasal Blockage

The Most Powerful, Permanent Treatment For Your Enlarged Nasal Turbinates

Based on Dr. Feinberg's careful observations over 30 years of turbinate surgery, there are three factors  involving turbinates that must be corrected to achieve a really outstanding improvement in your nasal breathing:

  1. Thick, enlarged bone inside your turbinates that bows out toward your septum, hangs down too low against the floor of your nasal passage or extends too far back. This is often a critical element blocking your nasal breathing, but obstructive bone can NOT be corrected by merely cooking the soft tissues of your turbinates with the laser, by sticking heated needles into your turbinates or by using pills and sprays. Only turbinate surgery with exposure and removal of this obstructive turbinate bone will eliminate this factor causing nasal blockage.

  2. Excessive turbinate soft tissues, often containing enlarged bone, that hang down too low off the bottom edge of your turbinates and block your nasal breathing. By actually removing this excessive turbinate tissue, Dr. Feinberg can achieve a permanent cure for this persistent problem -- unlike the temporary help you might get by cooking the soft tissues of your turbinates with the laser, sticking heated needles into your turbinates, or using pills and sprays.

  3. Excessive soft tissues at the far back end of your turbinates which become enlarged, like big balloons, blocking your breathing way back inside your nose. Remember that to really be able to breathe well through your nose, you must have an open nasal passage from the front all the way through to the back of your nose. So merely reducing the front or middle of your nasal turbinate and leaving the back end of your turbinate still enlarged and obstructive will NOT help you to achieve clear nasal breathing. Many patients, particularly allergic patients, are likely to have a very enlarged back end on each of their inferior turbinates, so enlarged that the back ends look like big polyps, benign growths of shiny, enlarged tissue that severely block their breathing.  The REAL treatment? Have Dr. Feinberg surgically remove these massively enlarged back ends of your turbinates and you'll never need to worry about them again.

When Dr. Feinberg performs your turbinate surgery, rest assured that he will remove all three factors involved in nasal blockage due to enlarged turbinates:  thick, obstructive bone inside the turbinate, the excessive tissue at the bottom edge of the turbinate, and the enlarged, polyp-like tissue at the back end of your turbinate.  While Dr. Feinberg performs your turbinate surgery, he utilizes his years of turbinate surgery experience and excellent surgical judgment to ensure that only the harmful parts of the turbinates -- the parts that block your nasal breathing -- are removed.  The rest of your turbinate is left in place, so it can continue to perform its function of warming and humidifying the air passing through your nose.  Thus you will have new, redesigned, streamlined turbinates -- turbinates that will perform only helpful functions for your nose and no longer block your breathing.

The Best Solution For Nasal Blockage:  Laser Septal And Turbinate Surgery By Dr. Feinberg

So there it is: Septal and Turbinate Surgery -- the way you can achieve permanent relief after years of suffering from severe nasal blockage. When Dr. Feinberg performs  his expert laser-assisted septal and turbinate surgery,  his patients are fully asleep under general anesthesia at the Los Angeles Facial Plastic Surgery Center. Thus you will feel no pain at all while Dr. Feinberg performs the surgery and he can safely work far back in the nose to achieve the complete, permanent, outstanding surgical result you always hoped for.  Dr. Feinberg's nasal surgery is performed on an out-patient basis; you return to your home the same day.

Since Dr. Feinberg likes to offer a range of surgical treatments based on each patient's individual requirements, there is also a more limited surgical option available for higher risk patients or for patients fortunate enough to have a straight septum with nasal blockage due to enlarged turbinates alone.  More limited relief for at least several months is offered by treating the inferior turbinate with the laser, under topical anesthesia alone -- no injections, with the patient awake.  Additional laser treatments may be needed every three to five months, because of the conservative nature of the laser energy used.  When you see Dr. Feinberg for your consultation, he will examine your nose and determine if you qualify for this more limited surgical option.

Either way, Dr. Feinberg and his outstanding staff are available to provide a variety of comprehensive, state-of-the-art treatments for nasal blockage to suit your needs.  Contact us so you can benefit from the truly expert nasal surgery performed by Dr. Feinberg.



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